WBC Swimming Center remains closed

Dear parents of children who visited or planned to visit WBC Swimming center.

First of all, we would like to apologize for long silence after closing doors because of COVID-19 crisis in beginning of March 2020. Since the beginning of COVID-19 crisis, there is nobody from staff members in WBC Swimming center and therefore we could not reply to any of your messages or calls. Moreover, just recently we received important statement from our landlord (Ružinov City Hall) and so we can finally provide you with some useful information.

During negotiations with the Mayor of Ružinov city District we were assured, that the Ružinov City Hall wants to preserve swimming pool for small children in the building on Banšelová street where WBC Swimming center is. However, we were informed that Ružinov City Hall will not extend our rental agreement under current conditions. New conditions are not ready yet and will be discussed by the city council in future. Unfortunately, because of that, we do not know for now, when and under what circumstances it would be possible to reopen the swimming pool for small children in the building on Banšelová street.

Since closing because of COVID-19 crisis (following regulation of the Government of the Slovak Republic) we followed all news, statements of official associations, regulations and measures. In the interest of protecting the health of you and your children, we continuously communicated directly with the Public Health Office of the Slovak Republic regarding the measures in force and the available options for reopening the WBC Swimming Center with indoor pool.

Dear parents, during the last 4 months that the WBC Swimming Center is closed due to the COVID-19 crisis by a regulation of the Government of the Slovak Republic, the costs for energy, rent and other operating expenses exceeded the amount of 10,000 EUR although there are zero revenues. All our requests for appropriate reduction of these costs were refused despite we were closed. We have applied for all state aid packages available to us, but we did not receive a single penny of support from the state. Moreover, now we know that conditions of our current rental agreement will change but we do not know how. In addition, valid hygienic measures ordered by the Environmental Protection Agency do not currently allow us to provide high-quality services to which you and your children are accustomed to in original extent and price.

Thank you for your support during the more than 23 years of existence of the WBC Swimming Center. Our big thanks go to the long-term employees of the WBC Swimming Center, Katka Tarrová, Silvia Fáberová, Veronika Prutkayová and other employees of the WBC Swimming Center, who took the utmost care of you and your children. We were one big family and we are sorry that we can no longer provide you with the high-quality services you are used to.

As mentioned above, the WBC Swimming Center was closed due to the COVID-19 crisis at the beginning of March and there are no staff members anymore. Therefore it is not possible to respond to your emails, phone calls and social media posts anymore. We are sorry for inconvenience.

Thank you for your understanding and we wish you all the best.

Management of WBC Swimming Center